Health & Nutrition

Following a balanced diet will not only give you sustained energy and mental clarity, but also improve your performance in the gym. We do not believe in dieting, but rather creating a sustainable lifestyle of health and well-being.

30 Day Transformation Challenge

Need some extra motivation to get back on a healthier track? Join us for our 30 day Transformation challenge! We are excited to bring this new challenge to you that will be based on before and after pictures. No need to come in to weigh or get your body fat percentage taken. This challenge can be done completely virtually! We will be providing at home and at the gym workouts during the challenge that are optional to follow. Check out our new nutrition program we are launching if you need help with nutrition (details to come on that shortly). Call, go online or stop in to the Rec Center to register. This challenge is open to members and non members of the Rec.

Private Swim Lessons

The Rec Center swim lessons are in alignment with the Red Cross Learn to Swim Program and are coordinated by a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.


We’re a family fitness and recreation center with a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Our website provides a snapshot of all the ways the REC Center programs and services are making an impact on Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding communities. We invite you to see how you and your family can enhance your life, connect with your community and become healthier in the process. See what we are all about. Join the REC!