Financial Assistance

It is the policy of The REC Center to offer quality, affordable programs and services designed to benefit people of all incomes and backgrounds. With generous contributions from community members to our annual Community Support Campaign, The REC Center does its best based on available resources to see that no one is turnd away due to inability to pay. Those not able to pay the full fee may be awarded partial assistance based on their demonstrated need. Both subjective and objective criteria are factored into financial assistance decisions. The REC Center believes that ownership and pride are best developed when recipients of financial assistance contribute to the cost of their REC Center involvement. While we are a non-profit agency, we depend on participant fees to help maintain our services. Thus, all eligible recipients will be asked to pay a portion of the membership and/or program fees.


Financial Assistance memberships can be setup as an annual membership or monthly bank draft.  Program specific assistance is also available.


Click here to download the Financial Assistance form. Be sure to include all required documents as stated on the form. Once an application and required documents have been turned in, a decision will be made regarding your eligibility and you will receive notice via mail.


For questions regarding Financial Assistance, please contact:

Ryan Duffie

Executive Director


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